Clive Cain

Clive Cain is the founder of My Backyard. Following his graduation in the 90’s with a BA Hons degree in Spanish & Public Media, Clive first developed a role in property working withproviders in the early 2000’s to develop a UK- wide network of accommodation for language schools, colleges and universities.

Gerry Maes
Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Gery H Maes Van de Vorst is a humanitarian idealist, philanthropist and business strategist with over 28 years of wealth management experience, sales and marketing and economics. CEO and Founder of The World Speaking, and Advisor to a number of ICO, STO projects including Evarieum tokenised crowdfunding platforms.

Petros Economou
Chief Financial Advisor

Petros Economou is an Ex-Corporate Banker, Investment management, fund raising and deal making experience with a solid financial background. Director & COO of In4Capital (UK), a platform matching investors with mature companies and startups. Co-Founder & Director of TheEnablers (US), an international business development public company in the process of becoming listed on the US OTC Markets.

Shashank Udupa
Chief Financial Officer

Ex-IIFL investment banker, $3.5Bn stock listed diversified financial services company. Co-Founder Avalon Labs. Coffee enthusiast.

Anindya Chanda
Chief Product Officer

Scaled 3 SaaS products including production ML models. Worked as a product developer for B2B and B2C SaaS applications across 3 geographic markets. Weekend Group Chef.